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Vivian and Veronique


Vivian and Veronique are 6 months old sisters. The family of 5 babies and mum came to our rescue last October, when they were tiny, cold, and very poorly with cat flu. Their mum was feral and she rejected them, so we had to bottle feed the babies to ensure their survival. Two were hospitalised. They were also feral and it took as a long time to tame them. Three of the siblings have now been domesticated and adopted. These two girls were the healthiest of the litter, and we have handled them the least due to needing less care. They are the slowest ones to tame.

The girls sleep on the bed with their fosterer and they play in the living room, but they are still a handful to handle. They will eat from their human’s hand and engage in play time, but there’s no picking up or proper cuddles. Not yet.

We are looking for an experienced adopter for them, who will be able to commit their time to work with them. We appreciate that the sisters look like pedigree cats (they’re not!) and this generates a lot of interest, but they are semi feral, they will never just come over to a stranger when called, therefore please only contact us if you understand the level of commitment and patience they require.

Vivian and Veronique can be adopted as a pair or separately as an additional kitten to a resident cat. They can also be adopted as a pair with one of our existing, friendly kittens they grew up with. They are not suitable as a single cat. They are very well socialised with other cats of all ages and they have lived with their fosterer’s cats since they were babies. They seek cuddles of other cats and they play together with tiny kittens and older cats. They require a quiet household with no children or dogs.

The girls have been raised to be INDOOR cats and we are seeking adopters who are able to offer them an indoor home with windows/balcony secured, or with a catio or cat proof fencing installed in the garden.

Vivian and Veronique are:
-fully vaccinated
-FIV/FeLV negative
-flea and worm treated
-they come with 4 weeks pet insurance

They have been raised on high meat content diet such as Katkin or PurrForm, or other quality food. They have been under the care of a private vet and they grew up in a home environment with full access to the house and an option of sleeping on the bed with the fosterer, which they often chose. They like human company and they are gentle and sweet natured, they are just not ready to be touched yet. It will probably take another 3 months for them to behave like regular domestic cats-their siblings were the same not too long ago.

If you think that you are the right family for either or both of them, please fill out the adoption application form attached.

The sisters are being fostered in Bushey, and the adopter will have a chance to meet them and to spend time with them prior to adopting them. Our cats always come with the guarantee that they can come back to us at any point, we offer support for life for them and we will forever remain their family and their other home, should things not work out.

Pre adoption house check and adoption fee applies. Vivian and Veronique are being fostered in Bushey, Herts, and the adopter will have a chance to meet them and spend time with them. They are available now, and we are only looking for the adopters who are CURRENTLY looking to welcome a cat into their family.

Cat Adoption Questionnaire

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Marceline is a 2 years old affectionate and friendly female kitty. She loves humans but she’s not too keen on other cats, so she’s probably better off as a single cat.

Marceline is being offered for adoption:
-fully vaccinated including leukaemia vaccine
-flea and worm treated with veterinary grade products
-she comes with 4 weeks insurance policy
-she is blood tested and negative on FIV/FeLV viruses

The adopter needs to be knowledgeable in:
-species appropriate diet
-behavioural and environmental needs of a cat, -have an idea of veterinary cost.

As she is an INDOOR cat, the windows and balcony must be secured with cat proof netting. Catios are absolutely welcome.

If you are renting, you need to have a written permission from your landlord that you are allowed to keep the cat in their property.

Pre adoption house check and adoption fee applies.

Marceline is being fostered in Bushey and the adopter will have an opportunity to meet her and to spend time with her prior to the adoption.

Should you be interested in adopting her, please fill up our adoption form:

Cat Adoption Questionnaire

Thank you!

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Georgia. She’s arrived in our care nearly a year ago, trapped with her kittens. Her mouth was so bad that she needed 8 teeth extractions! She’s a very young cat, only 2-3 years old, but the people who looked after her (residents of a care home) were feeding her table scraps. Sandwiches, fruit, cakes, dinner leftovers.
Georgia came to us as a semi-feral cat, and if it wasn’t for her children and nearly a thousand pounds veterinary bill, we would have released her back after neutering, because cats like her are impossible to find homes for. We obviously wouldn’t euthanise her due to the cost of her vet bill as this is not our rescue’s policy, so we kind of got stuck with each other. In a nice way, as she’s a lovely kitty.

Georgia has now spent 9 months in foster care, and there is much progress. She eats from her fosterer’s hand and she sleeps on her uncle George’s feet. She follows him everywhere and all bathroom time is shared time, according to Georgia! There is a lot of love in this little girl’s heart, but she’s one of these cats who will take ages to trust and love you.
We had to tame her children too, and they are now lovely, friendly, and live with wonderful adopters. But Georgia was left behind. Understandably so, because semi feral cats are hard work. She lives with our friends and a child, she’s non destructive, quiet, and she plays like a kitten. She’s a perfect cat for a busy person, who would be happy to just share their life with this beautiful creature, without expecting too much from her.

Georgia is now an indoor cat, and she doesn’t crave going outside (she has access to the garden). She’s kind of holding on to her foster family for dear life and she’s appreciative of the love and safety she’s found. This is not uncommon with homeless cats, who have been through enough to learn to appreciate safety, warmth and food. And Georgia, like all of the cats in our care, is on high quality, wet only, high meat content food.

Georgia is:
-fully vaccinated
-flea and worm treated
-FIV/FeLV blood tested and negative on both viruses
-had dental procedure

We are looking for an adopter for her, who has experience with this type of cats, and who is patient enough to let Georgia blossom in her own time. She’ll be a high risk of escaping as she’s really bonded with her fosterer, and she will try to run away to find her way back home, so the adopter must be sensible with the windows and doors. We ask for cat proofing the property when adopting cats from us, and this is particularly important with cats who will take longer to bond with their adopters. Georgia is a beautiful cat, but we can only entrust her to someone who understands her circumstances and her temperament, because we’ve put far too much effort in keeping her safe and in preparing her for adoption to have her run away and get lost.


If you are ready to offer Georgia a home, please write a few words about your previous experience with cats and provide your full address for Google maps and property search, or use the form:

Pre-adoption house check and adoption fee of £130 applies.
Georgia is being fostered in Neasden and the adopter will have an opportunity to meet her and to spend time with her prior to the adoption.

Thank you!

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Penny and Pea

Penny (2) and Pea (3). These girls have lived with us since April 2021… Pea was heavily pregnant when we trapped her and gave birth the next day, and Penny, her daughter from another litter, helped her raise the little ones. Both girls are feral, which is why it has now been a year with no adoption offers for them. They have learned to live in a home environment, they share the space with our resident cats, and the group eats their meals together. They are currently in that tricky stage where they are too domestic to place them on a farm, but too untouchable for regular adopters to take interest in them. They are going to need quite a bit of time and patience to allow humans to touch them. They are confident enough to sleep belly-up in the room with us.

They are well pampered girls, they are being fed premium quality wet only food (PurrForm, Katkin, Feringa, Meowing Heads, Lily’s Kitchen etc), and they now live as indoor cats. They are fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated with veterinary grade products, microchipped and neutered. They have been blood tested for FIV and leukaemia viruses and they are negative on both. Penny recently had dental issues and she’s had 3 teeth extracted.

Pea is very sensible and wise, and likes to observe, whereas Penny acts like a curious kitten, investigating everything. They are inseparable, they move everywhere as a team, and they need to be adopted together.

The adopter needs to understand what a semi-feral cat means, and they need to be able to handle these two during their vet visits. They are comfortable living as indoor cats, and they can also live outdoors, but this won’t help with taming them, as they are likely to go back to their feral roots. After putting so much work and making good progress with them, we don’t really wish for them to lose an opportunity for a domestic life. (When adopting indoor cats windows and balcony must be secured with cat proof netting.)

If you are interested in adopting the pair, please write a few words about your experience with feral cats, and provide your full address for Google property search and email us on:, or use the form:

Pre-adoption house check and adoption fee applies. Penny and Pea are being fostered in Bushey, Herts.

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